School 33 Art Center


Opening Reception: The School 33 Art Center 2017 Studio Resident Biennial Exhibition, Tomorrow Passed Today, Something to be looked at, Something to be used.

07/07/2017 - 07/07/2017
Three new exhibitions open at School 33 on Friday, July 7, 6-9pm! As usual we will have light fare and beverages to celebrate!
The shows will be on view from June 30 – August 19, 2017.

The School 33 Art Center 2017 Studio Resident Biennial Exhibition
Main Gallery

Amber Eve Anderson / Lynn Cazabon / Tiffany Jones / Rachel Guardiola / Sylvie Van Helden / Taha Heydari / Lauren Lyde / Tessea Antonis-Parr / Cheeny Celebrado-Royer 

Curated by Jackie Milad 

This exhibition highlights the work of studio artists currently in residence at School 33 Art Center. Since 1979, the Studio Artist Program has provided exceptional work space to more than 150 artists working diverse areas of the fine arts. 

School 33's Studio Mentor Program facilitates in-studio critiques as well as professional development for resident artists. As part of this program, prominent practicing artists and arts professionals are invited to provide support and constructive feedback, helping artists to fulfill their creative goals. Every two years, the chosen mentor also serves as curator for the Studio Resident Biennial. 

Our current studio mentor and biennial curator, Jackie Milad, is an artist, arts administrator, and curator who has worked with several academic and museum institutions in the Mid-Atlantic region. Jackie has served as Exhibitions Director for Goucher College, Curator and Gallery Director for the Stamp Gallery at the University of Maryland in College Park, and The Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington. Currently, she serves as the Assistant Director, Fine Arts in the Career Development office at MICA. 

"Building a cohesive exhibition can be a unique challenge when curating an inclusive exhibition such as the biennial, however in the case of this particular group, after a couple of studio visits and conversations, convergent ideas began to emerge. It’s exciting to see this work leave the studios and take position in the gallery—and to see how they interact and inform each other in this new context.” -Jackie Milad 

Image credit: Rachel Guardiola- VEGA Project Bio-MYNE 
(Installation shot from live stream performance video) 

Tomorrow Passed Today

A Solo Exhibition of Works by Ursula Populoh 
Members Gallery

Ursula Populoh is interested in storytelling in its most fundamental sense. She likes to use the metaphor of a letter as a stitch—stitches form pieces of a picture, and letters form words. By adding more stitches, a picture develops, and by adding more words, a story develops. One builds on the other until the picture and the words depict the story she wants to tell. 

These stories come out of a long life of gathering and carrying her impressions, lessons, and memories. Over the 75 years of Ursula’s life, they have been mixing and mingling, developing and clarifying. She is glad to finally have the chance to see them bear fruit—taking shape within her art. 

Ursula lives in Baltimore and decided late in life to go to college, something she had always wanted to do. In 2015, she graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art, with a degree in Fiber Arts.

Image Credit: Ursulah Populoh - Worn and Torn to Adorn
(Machine-pieced, hand-embroidered, indigo-dyed repurposed clothing)


Something to be looked at, 
Something to be used.

Giulia Piera Livi 
Project Space 

Giulia Piera Livi interposes objects of the everyday to distort our sense of space, explore our ability to inhabit rooms, and merge the dreamlike with the rigid. Her geometric objects and paintings utilize materiality to investigate light, form, and the weirdly functional. Her work focuses on the acute and the polite, the domestic and the utilitarian. 

This question of domesticity comes from a curiosity of the curated home space, and how the imperfections of home life can conflict with the polish of interior design. By creating immersive environments for her paintings and objects, Giulia presents the viewer with the oddities of precision and practicality. Through this spectacle of abstraction and accessibility, she aims to determine the artist’s role in a society with modern aspirations.

Image Credit: Giulia Piera Livi - Semi Circle