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Carrie Fucile: Subtext

06/08/2012 - 08/18/2012
Carrie Fucile: Subtext

To create the sounds for Subtext, artist Carrie Fucile initially recorded friends and acquaintances singing a popular song of their choice.  She then edited the files to only include portions of the recordings where words were not articulated.  These leftover sounds consisted of various inhalations and utterances, which she further edited to create a series of sound compositions. With this work, she is interested in exploring what the hidden sounds of a vocal recording can possibly tell us about the unexpressed desires that constitute part of our attraction to popular music.

The title, Subtext, makes reference to being literally, underneath the work in the context of the physical installation. It also points to the potential double-meanings that lie behind what the singers chose to sing, and the way they sang them. The installation simulates the feeling of being underwater and this references Freud’s iceberg model of the unconscious, where the subconscious remains underwater, the preconscious towards the surface, and the conscious above water. In modern, western culture, utterances, as opposed to words, are usually interpreted as signifiers of the id/unconscious.

Subtext Singers:  Rahne Alexander, Autumn Breaud, Natalya Brusilovsky, Theresa Columbus, Paco Fish, Chandra Guglik, Gavin Heck, Alex Hewett, Andy Livingston, Melissa Moore, Luci Morreale, Valeska Populoh, Selena Schreyer, Melissa Sharlat, Nicole Shiflet, Alexis Vasilos, Missy Webb, Dan Zinkevich

Opening Reception: July 7, 2012, 3:00pm-6:00p