School 33 Art Center


Samia Bzioui

Artist Bio

Samia Bzioui is a visual artist who moved to the US from Morocco in 2018 and currently lives and works in Baltimore Maryland. Her work focuses on the precarious space in-between cultures and cultural hybridity. From this perspective, she examines nostalgia, ideas of home, alienation, memory filtration, creolization, and post-colonial spaces. Her work follows a multidisciplinary approach working often with materials that evoke the secular traditions and rituals of her cultural heritage, like charcoal, wax, wool, and fabrics Through a diasporan narrative, she aims to keep conveying the richness and complexity of hybrid cultures as well as the cultural shifts and adaptations that result from immigration. By bringing materials from her home country, deconstructing them, and weaving them into the new cultural context, Bzioui unravels the layers of multilayered identities. Artist Website